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Is your skin irritated, damaged or sensitised? Every day, the whole family’s skin is subjected to external aggressions, causing irritation and discomfort on the body and delicate areas of the face and external mucous membranes:

– Dryness, redness

– Chapping, grazes

– Nappy rash

– Chickenpox marks

– After tattooing and dermatological procedures (peels, laser treatments)

– Heat, sunburn

– Hair removal, shaving

Apply to affected areas twice daily until fully healed. Ensure skin is clean and dry before application. For external use only.


Polysaccharide, rich in rhamnose:

  • Forms a protective film and prevents pathogenic bacteria from sticking to the skin’s surface
  • Reduces redness and heat

A prebiotic sugar that acts on the microbiome:

  • Rebalances the skin’s flora by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacterial flora to optimise the speed and quality of skin repair
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Soothing fast-repair anti-mark cream.

For all types of damaged and irritated skin. Babies from birth, children, adults. Face, body, skin creases and external mucous membranes.

Cicavit+ Crème repairs skin 7x faster* and intensely soothes damaged and irritated skin for the whole family.

Plus: its powerful anti-itching and anti-irritation action helps scars heal without marks or redness. The melt-in texture offers comfort and instant protection.

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